Our On-Line Store is Open!

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Purchase your refills from us for prescriptions, heartworm preventatives, flea and tick medication and prescription diets to be shipped to your home.  Access your Pet Portal and click the Shop on Line icon.

Our online store is a great situation for all of us!
Your pets -   Your pets are assured the highest quality, safe medication that is backed by the manufacturer.

You the pet owner -   Peace of mind and the time saving convenience of ordering your prescriptions online and delivered to your home

Us -
   The small profit is kept locally and invested in Harvester Animal Clinic so we can continue to provide the highest quality medicine, technology and surgery for your pets.  We also then can provide the best-qualified staff to provide exceptional care for you and your pets.

How to access Harvester Animal Clinic's online store
It's simple!  Provide us with your e-mail address and we will send you a password and link to our web site www.harvesteranimalclinic.com .  Visit our web site and click on the Pet Portal  button at the top.  Enter your e-mail address and assigned password and your ready to shop!

Advantages of Harvester Animal Clinic's online store
Price -   Our store will monitor other sites to keep our prices competitive.  All orders over $38.98 enjoy free shipping.

Guarantee -   Some Internet pharmacies have been fined for dubious business practices.  Manufacturers will not stand behind products purchased from unauthorized pharmacies.  Products purchased from Harvester Animal Clinic's online store are provided by an ethical source and the manufacturers will honor the products guarantee.

Safety -   Prescriptions purchased from Harvester Animal Clinic's online store have been inspected by the FDA and manufactured and packaged according to U.S. government regulations.  Our products come from ethical companies that ensure proper handling and temperature control.

How to purchase a prescription from the online store?

In order to purchase a prescription the law requires a veterinarian to have examined your pet within the past year. To ensure the correct medication is being used, a veterinarian must examine your pet for the recent condition for which it is being treated.

Purchasing Pet Drugs Online:
Buyer Beware

Order from an on-line pharmacy site that is a VIPPS-Accredited Pharmacy (Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Site).  Visit www.fda.gov/ForConsumers/consumerupdates/ucm227350.htm   for more information.

Information on Common Diseases

Want more information about your pet?  Visit www.veterinarypartner.com for the latest updated veterinary supported information.  If you have more questions please call us at 636-447-3565.